DPAC Executive and PAC contact

DPAC Executive 2017/2018:


Karon Trenaman (Chair)                   newwestdpacchair@gmail.com

Kathleen Carlsen (Vice Chair)           newwestdpacchair@gmail.com

Sandra Coll (Treasurer)

Beth Ott (Member at Large, BCCPAC Liaison)

Tracie Berg (Member at Large)

Vacant position (Secretary)



PAC chairs and DPAC Representative 2017/2018 


Connaught Heights Elementary School     

PAC chair: 

Carrie Van Snellenberg       chpacchair@gmail.com 

PAC Co-Chair: 

Clifford Thompson               chpacvchair@gmail.com

DPAC representative: 

Donella Prasad


École Qayqayt Elementary School                 

PAC Co chairs:

Serena Trachta         sgt@fullcirclearchitecture.com

and Kylie Vallee        kylie.hc@gmail.com

DPAC representative:    TBA


F.W. Howay Elementary School                       

PAC Co chairs: 

Jennifer Evans             jennifer.evans38@gmail.com

and Sara Weatherby  sweather@sd40.bc.ca

DPAC Representative:

Jude Talbot


École Herbert Spencer Elementary School

PAC Chair: 

Robin Goyan        robingoyanpacchair@gmail.com

Vice Chair: 

Lena Jerabek        lenajerabek@hotmail.com

DPAC Representative:

Renice Edmison


Lord Kelvin Elementary School                       

PAC Co chairs: 

Mary Trentadue       mary.trentadue@gmail.com

Eden Fine Day           edenfineday@yahoo.com

DPAC Representative: TBA


École Lord Tweedsmuir Elementary School 

PAC Chair: 

Sloane Drennan         pactweets@gmail.com

PAC Vice chair: 

Charmaine Urbano     Charmaine.tweedspac@gmail.com

DPAC Representative: TBA


Queen Elizabeth Elementary School (K-4) 

PAC Chair:

Bernadette Gourlay   bgourlay5@gmail.com

DPAC Representative:

Roya Sarwary


Richard McBride Elementary School                   

PAC Chair:   

Jen Arbo    jenarbo@gmail.com    or   pacmcbride@gmail.com

DPAC Representative:

Maya Russell


École Glenbrook Middle School                       

PAC Co chairs: 

Ronda Field         egmspac@gmail.com

and Renee Mosi  egmspac@gmail.com

DPAC Representative:

Bett Ott and Christina Black


Queensborough Middle School

PAC Chair: 

Tracie Berg                     berg.tracie@gmail.com

DPAC Representative:  TBA


Fraser River Middle School                                 

PAC Co chairs: 

Claudia Gastal               claudiagastaldo@hotmail.com

and Krista Burrows

DPAC Representative: TBA


New Westminster Secondary School               

PAC chair: 

Madhu Sharma       msharmac2c@gmail.com

PAC Vice-Chair:

Lesley Parker            jlparker@telus.net

DPAC Representative  TBA


Hume Park Homelearners                                   

PAC chair:

Laurel Brewster        nwhlpac@gmail.com

DPAC Representative:

Hilla Avidan-Shavit