Glenbrook Middle School Bus System Survey

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In anticipation of the French Immersion children in Grades 5, 6 & 7 attending the Glenbrook Middle School in September 2016, transportation is an important factor.

This questionnaire is to gauge interest in a parent organized fee-paying bus system. Specifically, parents would pay a monthly fee for their children to ride a private bus system. The bus would potentially pick children up at Tweedsmuir, Qayqayt Elementary School and Fraser River Middle School and deliver them to Glenbrook Middle School. The bus system would run before and after school and accommodate children who live on the Westside, near Qayqayt or have siblings at Qayqayt. It would be available to anyone attending Glenbrook or Fraser River Middle School.

If you are interested in a parent fee-paying bus system, please fill out the following questionnaire and have your children bring this page back to their teacher on or before April 29nd.

Click here for the survey Word document.